The right way to Distress Furniture

1 Feb

Knowing how to be able to distress furniture can be a wonderful way to decorate your home for hardly any money. It is friendly to the environment because feel free to use the technique that will update furniture which could otherwise be discarded, and best coming from all it looks great if you’d prefer a cottage, casual, country, or rustic start looking. You can order furniture in catalogs and local boutiques which has been distressed but the cost is quite high. It is a super easy thing to custom paint your personal furniture to discover the look you want at a more affordable price.

When you know what to look for, and how to build the distressed look you want you can certainly fill your household with beautiful custom made pieces. You can help make designer gifts for your friends and relations and you may consider selling your creations for a little extra income. It just needs a little knowledge, some creativity, and some process.

Finding Furniture that will Distress

The easiest approach to find furniture that will paint and distress could be to check your neighborhood Salvation Army, Goodwill, or other thrift retailer. These stores are usually a treasure trove of inexpensive wood household furniture. Remember, you are planning to paint over the current finish so you don’t ought to worry about discolorations, chipped paint, or a finish you truly hate. What you are trying to find is simply good design along with a sturdy frame.

Tips for Deciding upon Furniture to Distress

Check the joints and make sure that they are limited.

Look underneath the piece to make sure for weaknesses

Furniture with carved areas works extremely well with this tactic

For your first piece or not one but two keep it effortless.

Choosing the Coloring for Painted Furniture

Choosing indonesia teak garden furniture manufacturers color may be the most difficult aspects of distressing the pieces of furniture. White or product is classic along with soothing but you might try a brighter color for quite a few pop. Depending on the type of décor you have additionally, the colors in your own room consider some of the following colors:




Robins Egg Red





Once you decide on a main color you’ll still need to select a color or two for that undercoat color. The process of distressing allows the undercoat showing through the topcoat of paint in certain areas. Again this depends a good deal on the look you’d like to have.

Supplies Needed with regard to Distressing Painted Furniture

Once you include your furniture and also colors chosen you should just collect a few items and you will be ready to go.

Screw driver

Rag and soft household cleaner

Paint brush

Fine-grit sandpaper

Steel wool




Flat paint in at a minimum two colors

Paste Wax

How to Distress Furniture Quickly

Take off any specific loose paint for extra dirt with a light sanding.

Wash the piece and allow it to needlessly dry thoroughly

Paint the undercoat and give it time to cry completely

If you are selecting a second undercoat colour paint it and let it dry completely

Paint the top coat overall and allow it dry until it is actually set but even now tacky

Using the sandpaper, steel wool, or scraper set out to remove a layer with the topcoat in areas which would naturally wear for instance the edges and aspects, raised carvings, and around buttons and pulls. Don’t make the distressing even, it needs that they are random.

You can utilize chain to hit the furniture piece to cause blemishes and chips.

Sand over carved areas lightly.

Allow that to dry completely and use the composite wax to seal everything.

Allow the substance wax to dry for just two hours and in that case buff it off.

A New Pastime

Your new distressed furniture is getting ready to be used and enjoyed. Knowing how to be able to distress furniture may turn into a fun hobby as well as a side business that means that you can be creative and get a little extra money too. As you get better at it you usually takes on bigger projects and try different methods, materials, and techniques.

Whether you need to live in a cottage or perhaps a farmhouse having one eye-catching piece of furniture can make a huge impact on your decorating scheme.

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